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Winter in Salzburg

Not the first time in this beautiful city of Salzburg but definitely during a time with people filling up its streets during the winter time. Not much I can add to what has been said […]

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Berchtesgaden is a picturesque little town in the southern part of Bavaria in Germany¬†and surrounded by Austria from three sides. It is located in a valley at 500 to 1100m altitude in the German Alps […]

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Trick Fountains

From the beautiful Magic Fountain¬†of Montjuic in Barcelona to the Trick Fountains of Schloss Hellbrunn. The water games played by those trick fountains have been conceived by Markus Sittikus Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg. This is a […]

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Salzburg, or Salt Castle, one of the largest cities in Austria and home to the famous Mozart and Christopher Doppler. It was this city, in its beautiful Alpine setting, that the crew of The Sound […]

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Schloss Hellbrunn

Markus Sittikus von Hohenems Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg ordered the building of the beautiful Schloss Hellbrunn (Hellbrunn Palace) and its beautiful gardens. The work on this commenced in 1613 and was completed by 1619. Shcloss Hellbrunn […]

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Vienna photos

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