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Gubbio is an ancient town in the northeastern part of Umbria in Italy. It dates back to the Bronze age and has been of significant value to Umbrians long before the rise of the Roman Empire. It remained important under the Romans which can be clearly seen in the 2nd largest remaining Roman theatre  in […]

Golfo di Napoli

There are some places in this world that stay with us no matter how far and how long we travel. One of those unique places is the Gulf of Naples (Golfo di Napoli). Not sure if it’s the food, the weather, the scenery, the people or just a unique mix of all. In this album […]


Say what you want about Campania, but if you want authentic Italian food then this is the place to be. Campania is a region in southern Italy and is the second largest populated region in the country. Not only is it rich in gastronomy but also in architecture, history, music and a lot of archaeological […]


Genova, or Genoa, one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean and the largest seaport in Italy with its impressive landmarks is surely a place to steal your heart. Birth place to Christopher Columbus and home of the famous Pesto Genovese. It is also home to a high density of palaces and museums packed in […]


Bormio, a beautiful little town in the Alps of Northern Italy. Mainly famous for its hot spring waters that has been used for thermal spa baths. Due to its thermal baths, Bormio has long been a tourist attraction. Members of the Roman aristocracy traveled to Bormio in order to enjoy warm baths in the mountainous scenery. […]


Torino, or Turin, the first Capital of Italy, Capital of the Alps and the Automobile Capital of Italy. If those are not enough to impress you, what’s to follow should grab your attention. Torino is home to FIAT, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Juventus FC, Torino FC, some of the finest Italian universities and some of its […]

Around Sicily

Being one of the most desirable places to be in, Sicily keeps surprising me with the quality and variety it has to offer. This album is simply a collection of a few photos taken in a few places around the island. I know this one does not do justice to the beauty of it but I […]


Sitting just South of Palermo, overlooking the beautiful Golden Shell (La Conca d’oro) valley from which most of its produce of olives, oranges and almonds are exported in vast quantities, lies the beautiful town of Monreale. The major attraction in this picturesque town would be the Monreale Cathedral. It is the world’s greatest extant of […]


A beautiful coastal city in the province of Palermo,  Cefalù is one of the most visited cities in Sicily by tourists from all across Italy and  Europe. The Cathedral of Cefalù is probably the most visited attraction that stands out in this city. There are other churches all around the city and a few old palaces. […]


Palermo or Palermu, the capital of Sicilia (Sicily), and a city that I consider a very special place to myself. I have posted photos earlier of this place and promised some more to show more of the beauty of this ancient city. This is home to some of the greatest food, arancina and cannoli. You have not […]

Siracusa By Day, Palermo By Night

No visit to Sicily is complete without spending a couple of days in Palermo and Siracusa. Here I am posting the last photos from the recent trip I had to Sicilia to complete the set of photos for the time being. More to follow of this beautiful region for sure. Due to the short period […]

Firenze by Night

Firenze, or Florence in English, the birth place to the Italian Renaissance is just an eye candy whether by day or night. On one night I happened to be passing by and thought of taking some photos at night of this marvellous city.

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