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Although Paris might not be the most exciting city in my opinion, it still has a lot to offer if you decide to venture out a little bit. Having said that, after years of being […]

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A beautiful city on the Loire River in the West France goes by the name of Nantes. Although not part of Brittany now, Nantes holds a very important role in historical Brittany. Culturally speaking, Nantes […]

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Côte d’Azur & Monaco

Looking through the photo albums I have taken over the years, I came across one that has been of great influence on many decisions I took later on in life. The beautiful principality of  Monaco […]

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More Charms of France

Every visit to France has a different taste. You see this in a lot of people who go endlessly to Paris when they think of France rather than exploring the hidden charms within other areas. […]

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Nord de la France

A few good places to see in the North of France

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Le Mont St. Michel

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the North of France…

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This post is dedicated to the beautiful scenes I encountered in France. Hope you enjoy the video below 🙂 Again, if you feel the urge to drop by France for a few days and would […]

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