The Colours of Japan – Spring in Kyoto

After much deliberation, I finally decided on the format of how to release the albums shot in Japan over the last few months. This will be different to the rest of the posts on this website, as I will try to post albums about different regions during different seasons as a series labelled ‘The Colours of Japan’. Hoping that this series will do justice to a beautiful island nation of great contradictions that clings on to its past as much as it looks to its future. Of course, this series could not have been possible without the help of the kind people I met along the way. To you all, thank you.

Kyoto – Spring

In this post, we take a look at spring in one of the most beautiful places in Japan; Kyoto. The former Imperial capital of Japan during the medieval and early modern period is rich in history and traditions. The sheer number of shrines and temples dotting the city is just astounding. It is mindboggling how can this town maintain so much charm of the past and yet hold such an important role in today’s modern Japan. Samurais and ninjas may have been a thing of the past, but in Kyoto, you can still see geishas walk down the beautiful neighbourhood of Gion.

The shots in this album were all taken during the spring, and as such, it is no surprise to be able to see the beautiful cherry blossom as it decorates the enchanting Kyoto. Sakura, or cherry blossom, may have been the most significant factor in the timing of this visit to Kyoto. Walking down the Philosopher’s path to see the beautiful colours, getting lost in Arashiyama with its beautiful bamboo forest, gazing upon the Golden Pavilion, Kinkaku-ji, and counting the thousand Toris up the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine are but just a few of the things you will see in here.  I will keep it short and let the pictures speak of the beauty of Kyoto.

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  1. Camilla R Ernstsen December 28, 2017 at 13:26 #

    I love your photo 👌Kotoyo in spring is magic 😊

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