It may have a dark recent history, but the Serbian capital is certainly one of the most happening cities in Europe. Belgrade is not the prettiest of cities to be in but it most definitely is adventur

ous, proud, outspoken and very much cultured.

Belgrade is the city where the rivers Sava and Danube meet to make for a city filled with Ottoman relics and remains of the Habsburg legacy. Art nouveau masterpieces are plenty and there is always so

mething that would please the eye no matter where you look. A city that not long ago was torn by war is now only looking to a brighter future.

The beautiful Knez Mihailova pedestrian boulevard makes for a wonderful walk down town with all the historical buildings all around. The Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade Fortress at the end of the pedestrian boulevard leads you all the way to where the rivers Sava and Danube meet in perfect harmony. While Belgrade literally translates to the White City, the tens of invasions have coloured the architecture of this city and stained its history. Belgrade also happens to be the resting place of Marshal Josip Broz Tito in the House of Flowers.

The youthful population of the city makes the nightlife legendary. The wonderful coffee shops, bars and restaurants are so thriving it feels like the city is almost always buzzing giving it a certain charm. My advice is go now, before everyone else finds out.

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