Imagine a city built around a  palace for a retired Roman emperor. Now, imagine the squares, the walls, and the temples. Open up your eyes and you will find yourself in the lovely city of Split. A city build around the palace for retired Roman emperor Diocletian. Many things seem to have still been in tact. Split is often called the Mediterranean flower by its locals. Not for nothing, Split has some of the best climate in Europe and hogs over 2800 hours of sunlight a year. Split caters for a huge variety of tastes. The local cuisine is exceptionally exquisite with dishes inspired by the environment around. If you love snorkeling, this place might just be heaven for you. The dotted cafes and bars along the promenade adds to the beauty and charm of this city. Take a short walk to the top of the Marjan hill to enjoy the beautiful scene of Split from atop.

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