Genova, or Genoa, one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean and the largest seaport in Italy with its impressive landmarks is surely a place to steal your heart. Birth place to Christopher Columbus and home of the famous Pesto Genovese. It is also home to a high density of palaces and museums packed in one place. The beautiful Palazzo Rosso (which is now a museum) and Palazzo Bianco just across the alley from it are ones not to be missed on a visit to this beautiful city. The Old Harbour area (Porto Antico) is a favourite place for people to wind down after a hard working day. Genova is also home to the largest aquarium in Italy and houses an impressive collection of underwater inhabitants.

The ancient Lighthouse of Genoa (faro di Genova or Lanterna) is the iconic symbol of the city, the world’s tallest traditional lighthouse built of masonry, one of the oldest of its kind and probably the oldest lighthouse still in operation to this day. Everybody in Genova is a football fan with rivalry between the two home teams, Genoa CFC and UC Sampdoria. Genoa CFC happens to be the oldest football club in Italy. Whatever is your passion, you will surely find something to relate to in Genova.


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