Palermo or Palermu, the capital of Sicilia (Sicily), and a city that I consider a very special place to myself. I have posted photos earlier of this place and promised some more to show more of the beauty of this ancient city. This is home to some of the greatest food, arancina and cannoli. You have not been to Palermo if you do not taste those two. In Catania, there is a variation of the arancina and they refer to it as arancino. Mixing up between the names could lead in you hearing a lecture about it.

Some history for those too lazy to go to my previous posts to read, Palermo stands for over 2700 years of culture, history, gastronomy and architecture. Although founded by the Phoenicians, it was only named by the Greek before joining the Roman Empire. It was then part of the Byzantine Empire, ruled by the Arabs, then became its own Kingdom. It later on joined the Kingdom of Naples before the Italian unification in 1860. In short, TOO much history to cover here. Get yourself on a plane and go visit. Again, I have to admit that I met some of the nicest people in Southern Italy and Palermo, like Napoli, welcomed me with arms wide open.

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