Siracusa By Day, Palermo By Night

No visit to Sicily is complete without spending a couple of days in Palermo and Siracusa. Here I am posting the last photos from the recent trip I had to Sicilia to complete the set of photos for the time being. More to follow of this beautiful region for sure. Due to the short period of time that I had to take photos in Palermo I had to do everything by night, but I guess that just brings a different perspective of this great city.

Palermo stands for over 2700 years of culture, history, gastronomy and architecture. Although founded by the Phoenicians, it was only named by the Greek before joining the Roman Empire. It was then part of the Byzantine Empire, ruled by the Arabs, then became its own Kingdom. It later on joined the Kingdom of Naples before the Italian unification in 1860. In short, TOO much history to cover in one post or to have photos speak about it at night. I have to admit that I met some of the nicest people in Southern Italy and Palermo, like Napoli, welcomed me with arms wide open, and of course the best seafood grill I had anywhere 🙂

Siracusa, or Syracuse, on the other hand is extremely rich in Greek history. It is also some 2700 years old with so much culture and history, but it is very well known as the birthplace of the great mathematician and engineer Archimedes. The city is listed as by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. No wonder there I would say. Syracuse is also mentioned in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles book at 28:12 as Paul stayed there. Major things to see in the historic centre of Siracusa includes the Temple of Apollo which as adapted to a church in the Byzantine Empire and a mosque under the Arab rule, the Greek theatre, Ear of Dionysius or Orecchio di Dionisio, the Roman amphitheatre,  Tomb of Archimede, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. So many other things to see there but I guess that will exhaust this post.

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