Valle dei Templi

Agrigento, a city on the southern coast of Sicily, is the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas. In ancient Greece, Akragas was one of the most leading cities in Magna Graecia. I will not get much into details of the importance of this city but will move along to focus on the Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi in Italian or Vaddi di li Tempri in Sicilian).

0 friends, ye who inhabit the great city of sacred Akragas up to the acropolis, whose care is good deeds, who harbour strangers deserving of respect, who know not how to do baseness, hail! I go about among you an immortal god, no longer a mortal, honoured by all, as is fitting, crowned with fillets and luxuriant garlands..

Empedokles of Akragas Fragments

The Valley of Temples is one of the most outstanding examples of Greater Greece art and architecture, and is one of the main attractions of Sicily as well as a national monument of Italy. The Valley includes the remains of seven temples in total. I won’t go into details of each temple for now but wouldn’t mind writing a whole article on that and posting it at a later stage on request. I will leave you with the photos for now.

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